“Innovating the transformation of raw materials
for global wealth and prosperity”

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Vision & Mission


Our vision is:

Wealth and prosperity, created by cost efficient and energetically sustainable transformation of raw materials

Good food and high-quality nutrition for everybody

Reduced global warming, sustainable development, and food security, globally.

Our mission is to make the excellence in engineering and manufacturing available in the countries, rich of raw materials, and to make the European knowledge in industrial transformation of agricultural products available in the global south.

We enable entrepreneurs and farmers in the global south to process their natural resources into industrial products of added value. With the machines we supply, the vegetables and fruit they produce in their rich soil and warm climate are transformed into tasty and high-quality food and food products.

We make financial mechanisms of the global finance available for the agriculture and food production and provide food and food products of controlled origin globally. By the projects we develop and bring to life, we secure access to basic nutrition to all people in the world.

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Company Profile

Our approach is based on our expertise in engineering, trading, and financing. We develop projects in close collaboration with our clients. We provide expert knowledge and analysis of the market and of the demand, availability of raw material, latest machinery and manufacturing equipment, available infrastructure and financing mechanisms.

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Our business


Our innovative approach to the transformation of raw materials is based on integrated expertise in trading, engineering, and financing.



We put the marketing at the beginning of the value chain. To the clients, we propose projects, based on the demand of the market. To the market, we provide products of controlled origin and guaranteed quality.


We supply turnkey projects. This means we not only supply the latest machines, but also provide the necessary auxiliary equipment, the building, engineering, civil works, and training of the personnel. After the plant is commissioned, we provide management and technical assistance.


Focus is always on the particular situation of the client. We offer a unique system of financing. We can organize the marketing and provide a repurchase agreement to the investor. With this, the income in hard currency, necessary to repay the investment, is secured at the start of the project.

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February 2017


Ostertrade, represented by our Nigeria representative Mr. Yua Terver, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Niger State Government, represented by Honorary Commissioner for Ministry of Agriculture and Urban Development, Alh. Kabiru Abbas Musa for the implementation of a Modern, integrated animal fodder farm project on a 3000 hectare land in Niger State, Nigeria, suitable to cultivate, harvest and compact alfalfa and maize for human and, most of all, animal consumption. The farm will provide fodder for mobile herds and thus help their pastors to cope with uncertain, variable climate and pasture availability.

Dedicated to promoting sustainable development, Ostertrade will thus actively contribute to sustainable pastoralism and preservation of bio-cultural community.

"Picture 1 from left to right
1st from left: Permanent Secretary Ministry of Agriculture - Alh. Ibrahim Danladi
3rd from left: Commissioner of Agriculture - Alh. Kabiru Abbas Musa
6th from left: Country Representative - Mr. Terver Yua "

"Picture 2 from left to right:
1st from left: Commissioner of Agriculture Niger State - Alh. Kabiru Abbas Musa.
3nd from left: Legal Adviser to Ostertrade - Mr. David Maih
4th from left: Country Representative OSTERTRADE - Mr. Terver Yua. "

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June 2016


In June 2016 Ostertrade team reached one step further towards sustainable agriculture. We designed energetically sufficient food transformation factory. The factory is equipped with biogas plant that is using the waste from the factory to create electrical energy in quantity, sufficient to run the factory. We are particularly satisfied because this system is not only sustainable but also profitable: the waste treatment costs are eliminated, energy costs are reduced, and additional income is created by sales of the waste of biogas plant as fertilizer.     + read more
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Supertek Farms

Kudu, Niger State Nigeria

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