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Carlo, our agricultural consultant, was born on June 8, 1960 in a family of cattle growers and farmers. He completed his high school studies at the Liceo Sceintifico Aleardo Aleardi Verona and graduated in Engineering at the University of Pisa.

He was a professional rally driver for Lancia at the Italian and European championships. As an expert cattle grower and farmer he was active in Argentina, Ireland, Hungary and Italy, where he is living and working at the moment, while also providing expertise to our Nigerian clients.

He speaks Italian, English, French, Spanish and Hungarian.


Roberto Preto is an Assistant Professor of the Solar and Biomasses Energy Plants and of the Electrical Energetics at the University of Pavia, Italy. His research interest is in electrical energy, energy recovering systems, biomass and energy systems, biogas engineering, gasification and pyrolysis of biomass. He has been working with Ostertrade since 2012 and he is the expert behind the Ostertrade biomass energy system. He's the author of several articles published in international scientific journals (see more on the link):

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Melita Zajc used to work as radio, press and television journalist and editor. She holds Ph.D. in philosophy and in anthropology. Her research focus is in film theory and in the relationship between society and technology, and she is an expert on social media and on Nigerian video film cultures. She wrote several scientific articles and books and was teaching at ISH in Ljubljana and at University of Maribor, Slovenia. At present is teaching at Alma Mater Europea – ISH in Slovenia and at the University of Languages and Communication, IULM in Milano Italy, and is working for Ostertrade as head of research and public relations. (see more on the link):

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