Giulio Bianchi
Giulio Bianchi was born in Busto Arsizio, Italy, and spent his formative years in Lombardy, the North Italian region that during the 1960s developed into an industrial and financial hub of Europe.
He made his first experience in sales and marketing as he was working for Agip, the major European Oil company. In 1975 he expanded his activities to Eastern Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. He closed his first deals in Cameroon in 1980 and in Nigeria in 1982, where he sold a soap factory in Enugu and a detergent plant in Ikeja, Lagos. During the decade before the fall of Berlin Wall, Bianchi was the president of Cam Finance S.A., a major trader in ex-Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, based in Lugano, Switzerland. Cam Finance was selling turnkey projects, providing leasing, financing, and marketing of products, produced by machinery they financed. They were active in every sector, from the mining industry to the mechanical and food industry, agriculture and transport. Among their main clients were KAMAZ, Russia, PARMALAT, Hungary, BALKHASHMED, Kazakhstan and GLENCORE, Switzerland, and their main suppliers were MANNESMANN and KRUPP KOPPERS, Germany, BOLIDEN, Sweeden and DANIELI, Italy. They expanded from Eastern Europe to the Middle East, where they constructed a tomato paste and juice factory in Tabriz, Iran in 2002.
Presently, Giulio Bianchi is the Managing Director of Ostertrade, Kft. Based on his excellent contacts with major European producers of industrial machinery and agricultural equipment, having access to major European banks and various mechanisms to finance the projects, Ostertrade is selling turnkey agribusiness projects covering the entire production chain, from farming to marketing and sales of the product.
He is a father of two grown-up children, a son, and a daughter, and is living between Hungary, where the offices of Ostertrade are, Italy, where he plays golf and enjoys good wine and food with friends, and the countries of his clients.
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